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Our Services

McKarthy Labs are pleased to offer a variety of services in the RPA and AI industry. Please see our services below and get in touch today if you would like to understand more!

Opportunity Discovery

Before building and deploying solutions, we spend time within your business to assess whether or not you will see substantial return on investment from automation and AI

Process Discovery

We complete a deep dive into your processes to ensure they are good candidates for automation

Solution Design

We design the solution and technical architecture to ensure the RPA or AI works in the most efficient and robust manner as possible. We always present the solution to you for sign off


We have a unique approach to development that ensures you see the shortest time to value. We also complete an in-depth user acceptance testing phase before moving the solution into production

Support and Maintenance

We offer support packages and maintenance packages to all of our customers and we are also able to support already implemented RPA solutions. If you have RPA operational in your business but you need assistance with support, we can help

Code Reviews

At times, customers will develop RPA and AI solutions internally. Whilst that may be a good approach, it could mean that the solutions aren't coded as robustly as possible. As such, McKarthy Labs offer independent code reviews to ensure your solutions are as efficient as they should be

Independent Testing

Testing your RPA solutions and the infrastructure is imperative to automation success. We know how difficult it can be to test solutions and so we have designed a unique approach to testing RPA and we offer this as a standalone service

Infrastructure Setup

Ensuring the infrastructure is correctly setup and configured is sometimes harder than you think. Most companies don't realise that you should have separate environments for DEV, UAT and PROD and we are therefore on hand to help


If you are trying to build an internal RPA and AI Centre of Excellence, you will need to upskill your employees. McKarthy Labs are proud to offer training packages ranging from process discovery and business analyst training right through to technical architecture and development training

Trusted by many companies

We are proud to work with businesses all over the world and we work hard to ensure all of our customers are seeing substantial benefit from our solutions!