Financial services firm takes to automation to create a healthy lead pipeline for sales

Bots to generate qualified leads for sales teams, letting you sell more!

Employ our sales lead generation bot in your business today to optimise pre-sales process to increase throughput of leads for the sales team, and unshackle the team from tedious, manual and often repetitive admin tasks. Let your sales team focus on strategies and tactics to accelerate lead closure.


Our customer is a global independent financial institution, a thought leader in mergers & acquisitions, transaction advisory services and private equity. The customer relied on its sales organisation to identify opportunities globally for the business to flourish. While they were a high performing sales team, most of their effort was spent on identifying prospective contacts for lead generation, spending huge amount of time on Linkedin and other contact platforms, cataloguing them and adding them to the CRM system before they could run a campaign to generate leads/qualify them for business.


We understood the sales process and the challenge the customer's sales team had and proposed a RPA solution that could easily replicate the sales teams’ interactions with Linkedin and the like. In McKarthy Labs, they found a partner who had the expertise to transform and automate the process for them. Through diligent work, bots were employed to traverse platforms for potential contacts that fit the search criteria set by the business in terms of job function, title, size of business, sector, etc. and populate the CRM system with potential contacts automatically. Today, we have taken a step further and have automated email campaigns to nurture these contacts and progress them through the sales funnel for personal followup and closure by sales executives.


The customer is on a journey with us to fully automate the sales lead generation process, helping their sales team to do what they do best, sell more. Not having to deal with the mundane tasks has helped the team focus their energy on weaving propositions to win customers.

  • 24 x 7

    Lead generation programs run by our bot

  • 200%

    Increase in contact identification

  • 100%

    Accuracy of contact data mined

  • GBP 350,000

    Cost savings

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