World’s most cost-effective financial regulatory compliance platform, powered by automation

Are you struggling to manage the speed of regulatory change?

Keeping track of financial regulatory compliance requirements that impact financial firms is a constant battle. Most compliance platforms still expect you to do a lot of heavy lifting of information from multiple sources to help inform your decision. Our regulatory compliance bot combines expert analysis from our research desk with automation and artificial intelligence, to comprehensively monitor and track changes in financial regulations and legislation around the globe - in almost real time. We have the power to fully automate and manage the entire regulatory compliance content value chain from extraction & consolidation through to analysis, publishing & comprehensive reporting.


Our customer is a next generation, subscription-based real-time financial regulatory compliance platform company. Customer's business relies on their analysts to collect real-time information on various regulatory changes from 500+ website sources globally to help their clients receive vital information in a timely manner. It was key for the business to bring in efficiency gains throughout the whole process, which was highly resource intensive and time consuming. They had to lower their cost of operation, but at the same time increase the speed at which content was optimised from multiple sites and published to their terminals.


McKarthy Labs was chosen as the right partner for their transformation program because of our expertise in successfully automating multiple finance critical processes for our customers. We delivered a scalable proof of concept that clearly demonstrated our solution which was based on two tenets – cost reduction and process efficiency gains.

We automated the extraction, consolidation and validation of regulatory data from 500+ websites, on a near real-time basis. Using Automation Anywhere (AA) bots, the extracted data was optimised for publishing to their terminals and keywords were extracted to support the querying features of the platform – resulting in immediate efficiency gains.


After successful implementation of the first phase, the next phase is being executed and it involves publication of real-time news alerts and customizable e-mail & web alerts to their customers.

  • 0.5M

    Cost savings in 3 months

  • 10X

    Reduction in time taken to process data from multiple sites

  • 400%

    Increase in overall productivity

  • 100%

    Error-free data processing and publishing to financial transaction terminals

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