Process Discovery

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Automated Process Discovery

Automating processes using RPA and AI has to start with knowing what to automate. The question therefore becomes, how do I know which manual processes are optimal for automation? The answer...deploy a Process Discovery Bot. Using patented AI, our Discovery Bot will automatically capture every manual process your employees carry out. It will show us exactly what the process is, the frequency, the variables, the suitability for automation and more!

How it works

We start by installing our Process Discovery Bot onto your employees computers. We can install these remotely and each installation takes between 20-30 minutes. We then program the bots to only look at systems and software that you specify. If there is a particular system or software that you do not want the bot to monitor, we will add that to an exclusion list. Once installed, the bots will sit in the background and start to monitor all the processes that are being completed. The bots will start to automatically create the workflows and step-by-step documentation for every process it monitors. Upon completion, McKarthy will carry out a playback workshop with you to show you the findings and discuss the value that will be seen from automating your processes!

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