• James Battison

Let's bust those RPA myths:

Updated: Mar 16

RPA is here to stay and we couldn't be more excited! 😀

With the ability to automate processes which tie up your team into knots, RPA can increase team morale by releasing your team to do the jobs they were hired to do . - Create impact and value for your business 😀

Before we explore the value of RPA and what it can do for you. Lets put RPA under the microscope and bust a few myths!

MYTH 1: RPA is only for a limited market!

False 😎 RPA can be applied to almost any repetitive, manual task, workflow or business process, regardless of whether it’s IT related or not and can be of great benefit to smaller organisations, managing administrative functions that are often taken on as additional duties.

The possibilities of using RPA within your business are endless!

MYTH 2: RPA won't work with older legacy system!

Existing legacy systems do not need to change in order to deploy RPA!

RPA bots will work with your legacy systems, constantly learning and adapting to improve your processes 😀

MYTH 3: RPA Is too complicated to even consider using it!

Well it's a good job that our team are pretty good at what they do, with a huge passion for AI and RPA tech ;)

RPA is actually fairly quick and easy to implement without requiring a great deal of in-house technical know-how.

A professional RPA partner will work with you, hand in hand, to scope, implement and develop your robotic or ‘virtual’ workforce and provide on-going support and maintenance at every stage of the process.

MYTH 4: RPA Will fix ALL of your broken processes!

If used correctly and as part of a digital transformation program, RPA bots will work with you to resolve the current challenges you are facing. Integration is fundamental to ensuring you get the most out of your RPA Bot!

MYTH 5: RPA can cause Job losses!

FALSE 😎: A report published by McKinsey Global Institute says,

“The right level of detail at which to analyse the potential impact of automation is that of individual activities rather than entire occupations[…] Given currently demonstrated technologies, very few occupations—less than 5 percent—are candidates for full automation. However, almost every occupation has partial automation potential.”

RPA is here to Help you with your work on a day to day basis! It will help you turn those repetitive tasks into an automated process and give you back the time to shine!

MYTH 6: RPA is intended for large corporations!

FALSE 😎: At McKarthy Labs, we offer RPA as a service, which essentially means you can "hire a bot" from us !


To ensure RPA is accessible for all!


If you would like to have a chat about RPA as a Service, to understand how our bots can support you and your business, please do reach out.