• James Battison

Could you hire a Software Robot?

Updated: Mar 16

During the past few decades, software has evolved at such an outstanding pace. We have seen the emersion of social media, which has changed the way we conduct our lives and the way we engage with our customers. We have seen the rise of artificial intelligence and technology robots, all designed to increase not only the efficiencies within our business, but help our human teams get back to doing the things they love.

At McKarthy Labs we believe in the power of taking the ordinary and creating something extraordinary. We passionately believe in making RPA available to everybody, no matter the size of the business.


"Because we believe in the power of technology and the incredible path it will lay for your business"

Throughout the years software has been reserved for those businesses with the large amounts of cash needed to invest in software deployments. The software model needed to change and the concept of “software as a service” was born!

Software as a Service enabled businesses without the huge purse strings, to leverage the amazing technology that was out there, to improve their businesses using a monthly / yearly cost model.

We passionately believe that the same can be applied to RPA and have created a model which will enable businesses of all shapes and sizes, to “hire a bot” to help improve much needed processes, whether this is automation or a digital helping hand.

RPA as a service makes this incredible technology much more accessible to you! We will build your bot, maintain it and house it for a monthly / yearly fee.

So let me ask you 😊

What could a Bot do for your business?

How could it improve the way you work?

And lastly, most importantly, if you hired a bot to become part of your team, what would you call it?

After all team members, human or digital will help you to build an extraordinary company.


If you would like to have a chat about RPA as a Service, to understand how our bots can support you and your business, please do reach out.