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NovaGenie takes automation and AI to the next level. Acting as a true digital facilitator, our NovaGenie solution sits within any and all software packages and can automate all manual processes. Simply ask NovaGenie to do something and off she goes. Need help using a system? Ask NovaGenie! Need to automate a repetitive task? Ask NovaGenie! Want to organise a meeting or dinner? Ask NovaGenie! The capabilities of NovaGenie are endless. Using AI she is able to act as a true personal assistant to all employees!

How NovaGenie works

NovaGenie looks and feels like a chatbot for your internal employees. It is available on desktop and via a mobile app. NovaGenie is trained to know what the user is going to be doing and then acts as a true personal assistant to help them do their daily activities. Employees can ask NovaGenie to do everything ranging from sending emails and scheduling meetings, to creating quotes and even onboarding new starters. If you carry out a process on a computer, NovaGenie can now do that for you!

True AI and Automation enables your business to grow exponentially without the need to increase headcount!

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