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ML Talent Services

We have many customers that are keen to build their own internal RPA and AI Centre of Excellence. The issue with this is ensuring you find and qualify the right people. Too often than not, we have seen customers hire people that unfortunately do not have the skillset to successfully deploy solutions. As such, McKarthy Labs have formed a Professional Services arm of the business that is dedicated to sourcing and qualifying the best resource for your business!

How it works

In order to ensure we find and place the right people into your organisation, we firstly take a look at your requirements, not only for people, but also for the overall solutions you are deploying. Our experience in delivering RPA and AI solutions sets us aside from recruitment agencies and allows us to advise you on what roles you may require and what technologies you have available to you. Once agreed, we will use our network and database to source and qualify the right people for the job. All of the candidates shortlisted will be interviewed and qualified by our Chief Technology and, if applicable, our Chief Commercial Officer. If candidates pass the qualification, we will share their profiles with you and arrange interviews!

  • Technical and Commercial Roles
  • Permanent
  • Contractor
  • Retainer

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