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Automated Lead Generation

Our Lead Generation Bot is an off the shelf solution that is capable of working 24/7 to generate B2B leads for you company. If you spend your days looking for new leads and sending thousands of cold email, this solution is for you. Our solution uses many platforms such as LinkedIn and Outlook to search for, extract and cold email any B2B lead located anywhere in the world! The Lead Gen Bot is a highly efficient solution with a very reasonable cost.

How it works

Firstly we must give the bot the lead criteria, for example, we can say we want to target all Managing Directors of Recruitment Agencies in the UK! The bot will then login to LinkedIn and start to search for and extract the leads. Once the bot has the data, it can now use other systems to find the business email addresses of the leads. Once all email addresses are found, the bot will use Outlook to send a series of emails and follow-ups.

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