Automation enables a niche IT services provider to streamline operations

Automate repetitive tasks to gain business advantage

Our contracts & compliance bot helps automate huge amounts of administrative tasks involving frequent updates to financial management systems, contract writing systems, e-sourcing solutions, job boards, asset management systems, work order processing systems, etc. Relieve your overwhelmed workforce from these repetitive transactional activities and allow them to work on more strategic projects.


To offer the best possible services to their customers in UK and across Europe at any time, this IT Services Provider was heavily reliant on a highly mobile contractual workforce in addition to their full-time employees. Requests to fulfil key people skills were often sent to our customer and a select group of other competitors. It was therefore very vital for our customer to be able to fulfil these resource requirements with the best match, competitive day rate and always on time to beat the competition and win business. This was a real challenge for our customer's recruitment team as they always had to spend a lot of time to fill and update contractor records that were crucial to be compliant with the contractual process outlined.


We were roped in to look at their present contract execution process for talent fulfilment with the hope of automating the process to the extent possible; enabling the recruitment team to close customer requirements in an agile fashion. Partnering with Automation Anywhere, we came up with a RPA solution to replace repetitive form filling information to stay compliant with the work order, logging information across financial management, timesheet management and asset management systems. In a nutshell, removing the pain of updating multiple systems to remain compliant to the contractual obligations set by the customer.


After the huge success of phase 1, we are now in the process of rolling out phase 2 that will help our customer also automate validation of contract expiry dates, generating daily reports for the compliance team to act on it.

  • 100%

    Compliance accuracy for contracts executed

  • 3X

    Reduction in time taken to respond to resource fulfilment requirements

  • 70%

    Reduction in human effort to update multiple systems

  • 80%

    Overall improvement in customer experience

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