AI Capabilities

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Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

McKarthy Labs are proud to offer a range of other AI technologies that further expand our capabilities to automate and drive value for our customers!

Optical Character Recognition

OCR gives us the ability to read digitised text and data such as reading pdf documents. OCR is used for processes such as Order and Invoice processing whereby there are lots of pdf documents that must be read and then inputted into software and systems

Speech and Voice Recognition

Speech and Voice Recognition is the ability to listen to, understand and then process human speech. Customer Service centres with high call volumes see huge benefits from this type of AI

Image Recognition

The ability to analyse images in order to make decisions and trigger processes automatically. An example of image recognition is in car insurance. With image recognition we can have a machine analyse the image of a car crash to assess the damage and then check for fraud on the claim

Machine Learning: Analysis and Prediction

We are able to ingest previous data in order to analyse and learn from it. Once the algorithm is trained, we can present new data in real-time and the machine is able to make accurate predictions

Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing gives us the ability to understand human language. Chatbots and our Email AI use this technology. We are able to read free flow text and then understand and interpret it

Facial Recognition

Just like the technology in the iPhone, Facial Recognition has many use cases. One example if the ability to analyse a human face and provide feedback on their emotional state

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