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RPA’s 1st dirty little secret

March 2, 2021Uncategorized

It doesn’t really matter what RPA tool a business chooses, if the chosen business process to be automated has an ineffectual or inaccurate Business Process Discovery. That’s it, in a nutshell. Yes, there are a whole host of other caveats necessary to make an RPA implementation work, such as stakeholder buy-in. There are a whole …

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Talent Fulfilment Automation

December 10, 2020Case Studies

Our customer, a leading contingent workforce management company, was looking for a way to process compliance, timesheets and payroll for over 1000 contractors each week. Manually checking compliance documents, submitted timesheets and then processing payroll took a large team of people a long time to successfully complete the task. There were also multiple mistakes made …

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Cyber Security – Securing your Digital Workforce

November 27, 2020Blog

Despite its many advantages, RPA can introduce major new safety risks and increase the total attack surface of an enterprise. Remember that a company can use thousands of software robots in production, which are activated and deactivated on demand in a typical enterprise RPA deployment. Every hour, or even every minute, these robots will perform …

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