About Us

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Our History

In 2014, our parent company, the Scieniti Group, were asked to support one of our customers with RPA. The customer was looking to employee an RPA developer to work within their organisation. Fast forward to 2018 and our group had successfully placed 100's of RPA and AI resource and had built a substantial off-site team and we knew it was time to form our own RPA and AI solution company, McKarthy Labs! Not only do we still support customers with RPA resource, we now offer full end-to-end solutions for customers all across the globe!

What We Do

As an RPA and AI solution provider, we are proud to offer a wide variety of services, products and solutions. Some customers are simply looking for advice and guidance, others are looking for help with development. Some may be interested in RPA as a Service and others are seeking a Chatbot for their website. If the requirement falls under the umbrella of RPA or AI or both, we will provide the solution!

We ensure that we remain as agile and forward thinking as possible enabling us to work with small, medium and large enterprises regardless of the size of the project!

A message from our CEO


When I took on the role of Chief Executive Officer for McKarthy Labs I did so primarily because the ethos of the company met the standards I look for when considering partnering with any organisation. McKarthy Labs believes that making its customers happy is key to its success. This sense of happiness does not often figure in companies thinking but what it means for Mckarthy Labs is a willingness to go further to support a customer than its competitors will. When we achieve this we guarantee a long and prosperous relationship that truly is a partnership between supplier and customer.

This ethos feeds through to our relationships with our colleagues because we find that when they feel appreciated, valued and integral to our decision and strategic planning processes they are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for our customers.

In a business climate that brings many challenges, focussing on the relationships as we do, enables us to maximise the many and varied skills within our company but also bring a cost effective solution to all of the customers that we share such exciting journeys with.

McKarthy Labs is a company with a vast bank of modern technological skills and products but is built on the old fashioned sense of partnership and shared responsibilities. I am proud to call myself the CEO of this exciting company.

Rev’d Mark Battison